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Maintainer: Tapolca local government


„Many people become scholarly apart from the school with the help of the books, nobody will be a scholar yet in the school though without books”


I congratulate on it with love these rows his readers, who would like to make the acquaintance of the school's library.

The library availability:

Our library is a central place of our school. Located beside the dining room, the library has 2big 65m2 rooms. There is a reading room where 36 students can sit. As well as a room for the librarian. Also the library has 3 computers with internet access that students can use. Currently, the library has 13000volumens consisting of; literature books, course books, CD-ROMs, videos. Whatever the students need to take advantage of their education they can find in our library.  90% of the students take advantage of the library. Momence, some of their favourite books are: pedagogy literature,  English books and books dedicated to sport.




In January 2008 we joined Nemzeti Audiovizuális Archívum. This allows us to observe different programs through the internet on our big screen. Additionally, the students can use this to view any films for their classes.


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